Water Slide Fail Compilation

The most entertaining water slide mishaps ever caught on camera, all in one video.

Bill Clinton Sings 'Blurred Lines'

Bill Clinton "sings" Robin Thicke's smash hit 'Blurred Lines' -- with the help of some clever editing.

Whales Almost Eat Divers

A pair of giant humpback whales pop up for lunch, nearly swallowing two divers in the process.

Jesse & The Rippers Reunite

Jesse & The Rippers perform a medley of their greatest hits for Jimmy Fallon.

How to Open a Beer

A collection of the most entertaining videos of people opening cans or bottles.

The Newest Videos on Clip Nation

“Cut in Half” Prankster Scares Everyone

Andy Gross sneaks up on people in his creepy "split man" costume.

Game of Thrones + Arrested Development

Game of Thrones gets an Arrested Development-style makeover.

Late Night Hashtags: #ItsSoHot

Jimmy Fallon reads his favorite #ItsSoHot tweets.

Drumming Grandma Rocks Music Store

An elderly woman strolled into Wisconsin's Coalition Drum Shop and did this.

Chuck Norris vs. NBA Jam

Chuck Norris invades a game between the Lakers and Sixers, and things quickly get out of hand.

Drowning Whale Saved by Brave Fisherman

Adrian Colaprate dives to within feet of a 70-ton whale to set it free.

John Marek Plays Drums And Guitar (At The Same Time)

John Marek's band broke up, so now he has to do everything himself.

Wrestler's Special Victory Dance

Rasul Chunayev tops Islambek Albiev, and then the real fun begins.

Bachelor Party Bungee Jump Prank

A groom's friends convince him to bungee jump "off an old bridge" blindfolded.

Mexican Drug Cartel’s Lamest Members

Recruits aren't exactly lining up to join forces with "Spa Treatment" Guarez.

Dramatic City Council Commercial

Here's the most over-the-top local access ad you'll ever see.

Bumblebee High-Fives Drunk Guy

A friendly bumblebee makes an inebriated gentleman's day with a series of high-fives.

Tay Allyn – Mass Text

This might be one of the worst music videos to ever hit the Internet.

Record Breaking No-Handed Bike Wheelie

Nikola Bete performs a no-handed bicycle wheelie for more than 3 minutes.

Soldier's Early Homecoming Scuba Surprise

Captain Hyrum Bronson returns home three weeks early from Afghanistan.

Puppy Dominates Treadmill in Workout Attire

This treadmill-friendly puppy won't let inclement weather derail his workout schedule.

44 Fictional Character Names — Revealed

John Green reveals the full names of popular characters including Snuffleupagus.

The World’s Fastest Mobility Scooter

The world's fastest mobility scooter blows right past a Nissan Skyline.